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Committees meeting for 2017 SUFC Friendship Futsal Tournament

Thanks for all committees attending the meeting that night! in meeting Everyones got say, laugh, controversial, and opinions! Also thanks for members bringing the food and beverage. Big thank you to Alwin Aw Kam Cheong for providing the venue for us. Let’s us final complete 4 to 5 hours meeting! Appreciate and thanks to Alwin Aw Kam Cheong family’s support and understanding, thank you all very much.

謝謝所有的委員會當天晚上出席會議!每個人都有說,有笑,有爭議,有意見!但我们还是解决形形色色的问题!也感謝委员所提供的饮食,我们万分感激他 Alwin Aw Kam Cheong 与 家庭成员的谅解与提供場所,好让我們完成這次會議。感恩大家的付出!